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Interview with Terry Etam

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Why this book was written

“The End of Fossil Fuel Insanity”, was written to bring rational dialogue back to the energy sector. Energy conversations have become too polarized and antagonistic to be helpful. Indeed, the opposite is happening – we are at risk of ripping apart and destabilizing the energy systems that keep us all alive at present.
How we got to this strange place is a central theme of the book. The energy world is poorly understood at all levels of society. The petroleum sector in particular has done a poor job of public relations, largely due to a history of dealing with governments, and the fact that the commodities they provide have always been in high demand – the problem has always been finding enough petroleum to meet the world’s needs.
At the same time, legitimate fears about climate change have taken over public discourse, and the battle has become political. Climate change issues are now being used as tools of social change. Global populations succumb to the frightening prospects hinted at by climate scientists, and certain interests amplify and distort those fears for their own agendas.
This book is necessary to deconstruct these positions so that average citizens can understand how we got here, how reliant we really are on fossil fuels, and what some realistic options are to reduce our environmental footprint over the coming decades.

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About the Author

Terry Etam is a twenty-five-year veteran of the energy business, with experience in production, trading, storage, and transportation. He has written for several years on his own website and the widely-read industry site the BOE Report. He has been called an industry thought leader and the most influential voice in the oil patch. He lives in Calgary, Alberta with his family and, for some reason, a little dog….

Sample Reviews from Amazon (confirmed purchasers)

“Everyone (on earth) should read this book.” – S. Stahl, Amazon reviewer

“Mr. Etam has done the impossible by depolarizing the hydrocarbon debate, utilizing the currently scarce resource of reason and accomplishes this feat with well-placed, zany metaphors and a sparkling wit. An essential and energizing read !” – Robert Bruce Malcolm

“The author tackles complex subjects with straightforward honesty – this book is more than simply “right” or “left” leaning. He even bravely takes a unique stance on a number of issues (spill cleanup!), based on what he’s witnessed through his own professional experience. That last part is important – such an honest account is clearly in the public interest, I have never seen anything like it anywhere else. It deserves recognition. I can’t recommend this special book highly enough.” – Jen



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