“Everyone (on earth) should read this book.” – S. Stahl, astute Amazon reviewer

“Mr. Etam has done the impossible by depolarizing the hydrocarbon debate, utilizing the currently scarce resource of reason and accomplishes this feat with well-placed, zany metaphors and a sparkling wit. An essential and energizing read !” – Robert Bruce Malcolm, another astute Amazon reviewer

“The author tackles complex subjects with straightforward honesty – this book is more than simply “right” or “left” leaning. He even bravely takes a unique stance on a number of issues (spill cleanup!), based on what he’s witnessed through his own professional experience. That last part is important – such an honest account is clearly in the public interest, I have never seen anything like it anywhere else. It deserves recognition. I can’t recommend this special book highly enough.” – Jen, yet another wise Amazon reviewer

It can be purchased at Indigo.ca, Amazon.com, or Amazon.ca.


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