Good heavens, is that common sense I see?

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There was a weird article on the web the other day (September 2014) about a green group called the Environmental Defense Fund hanging out with a Republican, trying to get some business done. Now you’d think that within minutes there would be a bloodbath; bits of three piece suits, business cards and expensive shoes scattered about along with organic clothes, bits of beard, chicken feathers, etc. But no. They held it together and decided to work together on something, try to make some sort of progress. These guys have more courage than the first guy in Putin’s cabinet that stands up and says he’s gay and not open for bribes.

Describing it as a long-term effort, an EDF spokesman says they would like to rebuild trust that has “largely evaporated”. What an endearingly heartwarming and gentle way to describe the situation, like calling Genghis Khan a kindly uncle. But it is an excellent example of the kind of civility that will get us places. We can maintain a high standard of living and a healthy environment; everyone just has to work at it.

The story is quite remarkable because you can imagine how difficult a choice this was; you can almost hear the howls of derision coming from both other environmentalists and the Republican establishment as well (who probably won’t exactly howl, that’s beneath them, but their lobbyists will, having no bottom when it comes to standards). The whole world is dying to see glimpses of collaboration like this. Let’s hear it for the EDF and Republican Chris Gibson (I mean cheers too, not howls of derision). In particular Chris Gibson deserves a salute; a green group that offends other green groups isn’t exactly in for the beating of its life – one might expect no more than an effeminate rapid-fire chest slapping. However a Republican that embraces ABMOP (Anything But Money Or Power) is likely to meet a grisly fate such as being shunned by other Republicans or perhaps even death, if enough is left in the budget for that fiscal year.

Anyway, enjoy this uncommon display of common sense . It is a shockingly rational move of which it would be great to see more.

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