Even better energy information available at BOE Report



Writing about the energy industry is something that I do out of pure passion. I find it rewarding to explain energy industry topics to average people in simple terms that are otherwise often filled with industry specific terms and jargon.

Recently, I have had the good fortune of being able to publish some of my writing on BOEReport.com. I learned about BOE Report from colleagues who were drawn to the quality of the site, the depth of information, and the most excellent price. Despite it only being three or so years old, the site is becoming established as the go-to place for comprehensive energy news and as an excellent resource for industry data and analysis.

As I’ve found out through my affiliation, BOEReport.com has quickly grown its audience substantially in those three years of existence. This makes sense as I always found the content to be timely and on point, and did I mention that it’s free?

The publisher of the BOE Report, Josh Groberman, talked to me about the impressive growth in viewership levels, but I was unsure of the actual scale and impact. We checked that out via SimilarWeb.com, where a website’s traffic and stats can be independently verified. The site “provides services in Market Intelligence, web analytics, data mining and business intelligence for international corporations. Through its main platform called SimilarWeb, it uses big data technologies to collect, measure, analyze and provide user engagement statistics for websites and mobile apps.” That’s not meant to sound like an ad, it’s not, and there is a point…

I wanted to see how BOEReport.com stacked up against competitors so took advantage of those tools. Daily Oil Bulletin, FuelFix, OGJ, Upstream Online, and World Oil were all publications that I wanted to compare the BOE Report to as I have been a reader of each. They have their pros and cons, but in my experience don’t offer the easy to use data channels of BOE Report.

The results of the analysis still surprised me. I knew the site was growing quickly in popularity from word of mouth alone, but I didn’t realize it was doing so well so quickly against established competitors:



I encourage you to check out boereport.com. Josh and staff have put together a useful and easy to use resource for anyone interested in energy. You will find current news, easy to access data, and intelligent analyses of all things energy related. I am thrilled to be a part of the site and be a part of its explosive growth. If you like Public Energy Number One, you may want to check out other posts I’ve written for BOE Report at boereport.com/author/terry-etam/.

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