The best energy is positive energy and it can come from anywhere

This site, and many energy related ones, jabber on endlessly about fossil fuels, and solar issues, and pipelines and a lot of stuff under the guise of energy. Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back and consider other forms rather than renewable vs. fossil fuels.

A fundamental energy source that is highly underrated (and often ignored) is positive energy. When we are in a good frame of mind and working for the constructive as opposed to the destructive – and we instinctively know the difference, but shove it in the closet when insecurity wants to play, we are capable of vastly more than when we are in a negative frame of mind. Musicians and artists know this, and we all benefit from their efforts.

One aspect of life that receives far too little attention is the little things that surround us. We walk by an infinite number of truly amazing things that are interesting or beautiful or both, but notice almost none of them because our minds are preoccupied. The photos on this website are all attempts to capture those little scenes. This post is devoted to nothing more than that, a few winter scenes of little things that are pretty cool to look at, if we take the time. We used to say stop and smell the roses, but now we’re all too busy for that. It’s a shame.

Inspiration by Calee Photography, a site which takes this idea to another (superior) level. Happy holidays.





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  1. Wonderful post and pictures! And thanks so much for linking to my blog, I feel honored. 🙂

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