We critically need better energy dialogue, but that doesn’t mean we need to talk to degenerates


One day, when you’re at the local Compost Emporium, or Subaru dealership, or at the Mother Earth News Potato and Geranium Festival, and you see someone clomping around in rubber boots that have something brown on them that you know you don’t want to know what it is, and that needs a haircut that they will DIY at home when they get around to it, and smells vaguely like something really really natural, you’ll know you’ve found an environmentalist. A real one. One that cares about the earth, one that knows what soil feels and smells like, one that knows how to stake a tomato plant or hill a row of potatoes or make apple cider.

There are other kinds that stake claim to the word. In the news, you’ll read about “environmentalists”, but they are something else entirely. As in, Something Wicked This Way Comes. In this crazed world we live in, it is imperative that we learn to know the difference, to show deference to one and seek jail time for the others.

True environmentalists care about the earth. They care about their footprint, they wear warm sweaters rather than turn up the heat, and they perpetually investigate new ways to live naturally and organically. We can learn a lot from them.

The environmentalists that populate the news feed are a decidedly more sinister variety that has gone far beyond caring about the earth. As legendary environmentalist turned “environmentalist” and 350.org founder Bill McKibben put it on Patagonia’s lifestyle clothing website: “it has been a great pleasure to watch the climate movement, as it has grown, focus its attention ever less on the natural world and ever more on the injustice that is at the core of this strange moment in history… climate policy is immigration policy is poverty policy.”

What do statements like McKibben’s mean? They mean at least two things. One, as he clearly states, is that he is pleased that the climate change movement is less about the natural world – i.e., he is not as interested in pollution, emissions, waste, habitat destruction – as he is in the social aspect, meaning the climate fight is now a socialist/capitalist fight and all that entails. And what it entails is not just no solutions, but a grab for power.

But that’s the most benign part. The second thing that statements like McKibben’s mean it that these dangerously ideological monstrosities will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Put it this way: Would you use children as puppets to promote political agendas? Who does that? Who in history has stooped so low as to use children as tools? Not just showing images of happy kids in advertising, but brainwashing them, grooming them, scaring them, then hiding behind them as these manipulated and used youths face a wall of cameras? And the cowards are hiding behind, using the very innocence and earnestness of their tools as a weapon against opponents, a strategy that is borderline evil.

Some people think we need to sit down with these people and converse, that we need to talk to them and show them facts about their energy usage, and the world’s energy usage, and reason with them about the challenges of converting the world’s unfathomably large energy systems to renewable energy.

For anyone that wants to negotiate with these people, or dialogue with them, look at what they do with children. Look at their standards. Do not imagine for a second that anyone capable of promoting such disgusting behaviour (McKibben, again, same article: “The great climate strike that will take place around the world this Friday has its roots in the efforts of junior high and high school students, with more than a few elementary school students thrown in. I’ve gotten to know many of them…”) is going to sit down and have a rational conversation about energy realities. Try it, and they will bite you in the face.

The great climate strike has its roots in cunning brains like McKibben’s, ones who have no problem planting seeds of fear into adolescent minds, then recruiting them to help fight their grown-up war for social justice.

There is no negotiating with these people, just as there wasn’t with the Khmer Rouge that slaughtered half of Cambodia, or any other evil regime that used children as pawns. We are living in a very sick era, bounded by the ultimate irony: The very fossil fuels that McKibben and his Sesame Street army are trying to wipe out are the very fuels that enabled their life, and keeps them alive every day.

Sadly, these trust-destroying geniuses have won several big battles. They are gearing up to win the war. The irony that they will wipe themselves out if they wipe out fossil fuels presents a very chilling spectre: Either they are dumb enough not to see what is going to happen, or they are smart enough to see but don’t care. Because at the end of the day, winning their climate war by attacking fossil fuels means that tens of millions have to die. It is truly frightening to see the poker game that these people are willing to play. I guess when it’s kids tossing the chips onto the pile, it must not seem quite as real to them.

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  1. John G Chittick says:

    On the front lines of the CAGW hysteria, you have the true zealots, the green theocracy crowd, “believers”, the zombies full of self righteousness in front of the cameras and on every “reporter’s” rollodex. Behind them, are the ENGOs, the corporate and agency rent seekers (government grant-seeking climate modelers), and the entire institutional left who re-branded green 30 years ago when the “Marxist class struggle” tactic wasn’t cutting it when it came to working to destroy capitalism. Their goal is to make it politically successful to get in front of this mob, pimp the hysteria, and offer salvation by controlling access to energy and all that goes with it, essentially destroying liberty, markets, and prosperity. How effective has it been? In Canada, the recent election was emblematic of this and now the country could consequently pull its self apart.


  2. Robbie says:

    I’m interested in some kind of response to the mainstream media’s adopted narrative and what kids are likely being taught in schools.

    I saw a fundraiser for a skeptical side of things teaching materials. I think with the current climate though there will be a limited number of teachers likely to want to teach some amount of “the skeptical side”, besides those who might even fear for their job if they did.

    I think the answer is simple and has a lot more potential. Bjorn Lomborg put together a book called Smart Solutions to Climate Change, commissioning chapters from various experts on particular ideas. In the final rankings which were done by I think 5 people including 3 nobel prize winners the top ideas were climate engineering and research and development into genuinely transformative technologies.

    The thing about reasonable policies (the cost of the R&D recommended is 10 – 20x less than the Paris Accord if it were fully implemented, with actual benefits) is they are both much more effective in the case of harmful warming in the future and also give more time for skeptical views to go mainstream, if they are correct. It doesn’t matter if people are being caught up in an end of the world story – if the policies they might vote for in response are reasonable.

    I think it’s very likely there will be widespread interest among teachers for a book on climate solutions involving nobel prize winners and hopefully the solutions in the book would displace interest in Paris Accord style focuses on immediate severe emissions cuts and subsidies and trying to prematurely shut down normal economic development.


  1. […] We’ve all met earthy types that care about the land, the air, and the soil, and have for their whole lives. They are true environmentalists. In the news, you’ll read about “environmentalists”, but they are something else entirely. As in, Something Wicked This Way Comes. In this crazed world we live in, it is imperative that we learn to know the difference, to show deference to one and seek jail time for the others. Read on… […]


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