Etam Interview with Oil & Gas 360 – as fun as energy discussions get!

We had the opportunity to sit down with Heidi McKillop, Producer “A Stranded Nation”, and Terry Etam, Author “The End of Fossil Fuel Insanity” and visit about the Canadian and United States current politics around fossil fuels. 

The conversation started over several months ago when the 360 team had a great interview with Heidi. We covered the Canadian oil landscape of fossil fuels. Reciently, when we had some short sighted court desisions occur in both countries, we had to sit down and get thier feed back and opinons. 

The pipeline regulations in both countries are a huge national security issue.  Line 5 in New York is a pipeline to the Eastern Canada refineries. If this access to crude oil is interupted the Canadians will have huge gas prices and shortages.  It was orderd shut down, and ironically the day after we filmed our roundtable (Wine and Beer would have made for even more fun) the first tanker from the Western part of Canada passed through the Panama Canal arriving in Eastern Canada. That is a horiffic cost to pass on to the average person in Canada for regulations around a pipline that has been operating succesfully for over 40 years. 

This is a fun and informative interview. Thank you Heidi and Terry for stopping by. Michael and myself had a total blast.

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